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Alpha Group Ltd  Supplies and Installs Biomass fed via pellet, wood chip or log. We also Supply and Install  waste boilers, these are becoming more popular as the customer/owners are getting away from being beholden to the suppliers of pellets, as the fear of price increases will be justified when government paybacks get smaller as they are, and will reduce again, then pellet suppliers will Increase the costs to supply. People will then not Invest in the Biomass market, they will go to waste boilers, as the Install and material costs are minute compared to Biomass.

Waste boilers will run on Logs, Processed woods of all types, seed husks, straws which are all very cheap to buy or to obtain.

The only difference is that a pellet system is automated, and the waste system is a manual operation. Most of our clients don't mind this as feeding there system twice a week far out ways the vast expenditure of an automated system.   

Should you require any Information or would like a visit please contact Mark.

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