Heat Recycling Services – Savings of up to £4800 per year*

Recycle Your Heat & Save Yourselves Thousands!


Recycling Your Companies Heat

The basic principle behind this idea is very simple:

In the top of your warehouse/office space during the winter months there is a great deal of redundant heat that you could save yourself potentially ¼ of your total heating bill. We can using our cost saving system recycle this hot air in the top of your building by venting back in to the bottom of the building during a time period when you would ordinarily have the heating on.

For example:
Outside Ambient Temperature -3 Degrees Celsius.
At 6.00 am on a work day a 200kw Heater comes on in order to pre- heat the warehouse before occupancy at 08.00 , the building will absorb the heat generated, as the building has been closed all weekend.

At 11.00 am there is enough heat to maintain the ambient temperature of 16.5 degrees Celsius at ground level where the heater is positioned, however the energy generated to give 16.5 Deg C at floor level means that the roof void and top mezzanine floor is around 30Deg C. So if you distributed the heat from the top of chart to low level; the building would remain warmer for a longer period two hours without having to have the burner running for that time. This can then be repeated later in the afternoon again after the burner has been running for a while again. So there is the potential to save quite a bit of heating energy during the course of the winter.

During the summer months the ducting can be reversed to vent straight to outside in order to pump out the excess hot air therefore giving a cross flow of cooler air and maintain a good ambient temperature in the top half of the warehouse where the majority of the summer heat sits. This will increase the workforce effort due to the increased comfort of the ambient temperature.This knock on effect of people not being as hot means less toilet breaks and water drinking and increased effort and speed therefore saving a lot of wasted workforce effort over the summer months

Example: Bob is paid £7.50 per hour for working an 9hr day with 1/2hr lunch break and 2No 15min snack breaks. Bob works on the top mezzanine floor, where the temperature in summer with an outside temp is around 35degC, the inside temp will have increased to around 45degC.

Bob has no drive and is irritable due to excessive heat. So Bob drinks large amounts of liquids for which he walks down stairs for.

• Walk down the flights of stairs – 5min
• Fill up water bottle and go to toilet – 10min
• Walk back up stairs and rest due to the cool environment at a lower level and an excessive amount of heat hitting you as you ascend up on to the mezzanine floor – 10min
• Twenty three minutes wasted possibly 4 times a day excluding snack and lunch breaks, for five days a week, for 16 weeks average every year.

• 1hr a day wasted x 5days = 5 hrs x 16 weeks = 80Hrs 1 man
• 80hrs x 8people on that floor = 640hrs @ £7.50 hr =£4800.00

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